Enjoy the Perfect Thanksgiving

You’ve come to the right place to make your holiday truly special. This is the time to spend with family and friends over the biggest meal of the year, not to scramble or stress to get dinner on the table. That is why we created this comprehensive Thanksgiving resource for you. Here, you’ll find answers and advice for everything you need to know to make this holiday smooth, enjoyable and, of course, delicious.

Sophie Cubbison began her career as an innovative pioneer and grew from a one-woman operation to products that found their way into the hearts of families across America. As a heritage brand, consumers have trusted Mrs. Cubbison's for over 60 years to create homemade dishes to serve to their families. As an innovative pioneer, Sophie Cubbison's vision and legacy revolutionized the way people eat. With Mrs. Cubbison’s products, you can transform an ordinary dish into something special. All of our products are carefully crafted from fresh-baked breads, natural herbs and spices and real onions, jalapenos and red peppers.


We hope this extensive Thanksgiving resource helps you create the perfect holiday meal.